My credentials

My training and coaching philosophy is simple and compact, like the little black and white stone I always carry with me. It can be summarized by this quote from Steve de Shazer:

„problem talk creates problems – solution talk creates solutions“.

Thanks to years of management and sales experience, I can empathize with the challenges clients bring to training and coaching sessions. They generally appreciate the practical relevance of these sessions, and that I am available to them after the training or coaching ceases and remain interested in their continued success.

I coach individuals and teams working on goals or questions they themselves define. Together, we think in terms of possibilities and solutions. We rediscover (sometimes hidden) strengths rather than spend a lot of time looking at problems and placing blame. This type of solution-focused work is fun and clients quickly experience lasting improvements. Often small steps can make the biggest difference. Clients also appreciate the consistency and reliability I provide during the process.

I can conduct workshops, trainings and coaching sessions for you in English, German, Spanish and/or French.

Call and leave a message, and I will return your call as soon as possible. Or, write me an email. Together we will discuss how I might help you. I also encourage you to look at the list of satisfied clients and read their testimonials.