Solution-Focused Coaching – The solution lies within you

I provide Team-Coaching, Individual-Coaching and Executive Coaching services, and would be pleased to assist you in dealing with specific situations or working toward specific goals.

Subjects we might address include how to handle delicate conversations, negotiations, and conflicts, as well as decision making, personality development, work-life balance, among others.

Your motivation will increase as you identify and explore your own strengths (“strengthen strengths” rather than “improving weaknesses”). This holds true for individuals as well as teams. Rediscover your many resources and capabilities. It’s worth it!

Together, we will outline the future you desire and aim to achieve. We will develop options and solutions you can act on, rather than analyze problems. Solution-focused, brief coaching will lead to progress within a short period of time, which will in turn, motivate you to continue toward your goals.

Athletes, business people and people who want to work on their personal lives, become more self-confident, have more fun and achieve greater long-term improvements in their performance through solution-focused coaching and mental training.

Individual coaching is also available over the phone or via Skype, if you wish.